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General Carpentry, Structural repair, Market Readiness...

General Repairs

We provide interior trim work, we repair it, and install new trim. If you are thinking of changing a bathroom vanity to give it a small facelift, not a problem. If you need repairs to your deck or want a new one built, we are the one to call in the Raleigh, NC area. We are full service home repair professionals.

Structural Repairs

Structural damage can be a home repair nightmare if not repaired correctly. Termites, other wood boring insects, water infiltration, and dry rot can be present in even the best looking of homes because they are hidden enemies. They can take over in a matter of months and bring your home down to the foundation if not properly addressed. Check out our maintenance program to see how we can prevent these causes “before” major damage and other issues occur.

Market Readiness Repairs

If you are putting your home up for sale or have a rental home that needs a little TLC, we can help you get it “market ready”. We do all those little home repairs that make your home more marketable. Neutral paint, new flooring, and replacing broken doors or windows. We see potential in all homes and do our best to get your home rented faster or sold quicker, whichever route you might be taking.

Home Repair Services

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Home repair, that thing you never have time for...

Home repair in Raleigh, NC is most commonly associated with nature, age, insects or neglect. Home repair and maintenance is a necessity not a choice. Not taking care of home repair items can make a small job turn into a large project with additional cost. Home repair can mean small issues or small changes, the difference is the reason for the home repair and the effect it has on your home. We compare home repair with health care. If you don’t take care of your health, your body falls apart.